Sparrow's Journal #3

It all started with a call from Marijan instructing me to bring everyone I can to the Hot Box Cafe.

It ended with one of us dead… More of us will be dying soon.

Sugar Molly and Lady Wax apparently had some bad blood between them. Now the blood is pooling at their feet.

Here’s what happened:

Marijan killed Xia. To make amends, he was instructed by Molly to go to each other court and apologize for stirring things up. We went to Summer and Winter first, nothing of interest happened there. Autumn is another story.

Instead of presenting a gift to Lady Wax, Marijan launched a vial of the substance we’d found to turn Lady Wax into a human once again. I assumed he had a reason to do so, and was ready to hear it, but all he kept saying was that he was trying to protect us. That wasn’t good enough, I needed to know why! It’s at this point that my master’s mission completely left my thoughts.

I looked over to Scarlet, who very obviously wanted to do something and knew I needed to act quickly. I blinded the single guard in the room, which then caused utter havoc. It ended with Scarlet’s knife in Wax’s throat, Issac and Earl breaking the oath, them going blind, and Scarlet’s body being riddled with bullets. When she went unconscious, her form changed into Lestrade’s. I wasn’t too surprised by this.

I dragged his body out and there I saw Molly. I called for help, and she healed Lestrade. We got in her limo to make our escape when Jacob started calling out that if Wax went down, Molly should go down too.

Lestrade seemed not to want to cause a war between the two courts, and to end the struggle before it truly started. He made a lunge for Molly but his arm was broken in 2 places by her hired mercs. I decided again that blinding somebody would be the best course of action.

I blinded one, and calling upon the guardian to protect me, lunged for Molly.

Her throat split open as I dragged my knife across.

Lestrade and I made a break for it. Our paths split, not wanting to slow each other down.

That’s the last time I felt him alive.

I ran to my apartment, left a note, hoping to save my friends, grabbed my things and went to the Dundas Bus Terminal. I’m writing this I’m currently on my way to Montreal.

[The following text is very hastily scribbled down]

I started vomiting blood on the way to Montreal, that’s the last thing I remember.

When I came to, I was in St. Micheal’s Hospital with Delilah at my bedside.

We conversed for a bit, she told me my master was dead and that everything I was doing was basically for nothing. She also told me that in order for her to let me leave alive, I have to do everything in my power to stop the loyalists of The Shining One from stopping the construction of the Fairy Line. The pledge allows us both to be a little more persuasive with our tongues.

She offered me a ride, and the only thing I could think of was the people who were in the same predicament as me so I asked her to drive me to them. That was my fatal error.

Now we’ve all been captured, but it’s okay. I’ll fix everything with the gift Delilah’s given me.

This will probably be my last entry. Goodbye to everyone.


Sparrow's Journal #3

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