Barry Smalls: 6/2011

February 19, 2011

Apparently today was shit hits the fan day. I was busy with Summer stuff, so I didn’t go out to deal with the kid brigade. And of course, this is the day that I should have.

So shit starts off with Bob and buddies showing up at the Gym with a gift for Piper. Bob tells me it’s for turning Zia human with that Autumn juice from the Hedge and then killing her. I knew that shit was a dangerous weapon! I lose my shit and shove him into a wall, but restrain myself before breaking my motley oath and go and get Piper. I wasn’t going to deal with this shit, not today.

But then things get worse when they all leave. From what I hear, they attacked Lady Wax and all sorts of shit went down. End result is me feeling the motley oath break with Issac and Earl, the Freehold oath break with Lestrade, and from what hear, Lestrade got killed.

I better get a good explanation about what the fuck happened or I’m gonna kill them all, oaths or no…

Barry Smalls: 6/2011

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