Barry Smalls: 5/2011

February 14, 2011

I know what people say about me. Especially the new guys. Hell, Bob’s had the balls to tell me to my face. But I know they all think it, as have those who have come before. And honestly, I don’t care what they say about me. At the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s not about them either. It’s about Them, and what They want with us and everyone else out here. And if I have to be a dick to make sure these fuckwads don’t ruin it for the rest of us, then so fucking be it.

There’s a reason why I don’t trust anyone Fresh Out of the Hedge. Hell, I’m sure there are pages upon pages of people who have come out and turned out to be loyalists, privateers, or worse. And so happens it’s time to add another page of worse today.

I figure maybe it’s time to loosen the leash a bit; the newbies haven’t tried to do an escape in a bit and it seemed that they were starting to get what they’ve become, so why not try giving them a chance to see the Market again. After all, I had to go in to do business with the fruit guy anyway. So we all go in, or most of us, at least, and I go deal with business. Apparently Lestrade needed some… “time away”… so we got to deal with Scarlet instead. Scarlet’s a pretty effective Winter, I guess, definitely a bit of an ice queen. But no complaints here.

I give the fruit guy the stuff I got from Hoyle, and turns out he’s willing to give me some Amaranth if I deal with the stink coming from the beauty salesman. Seriously… beauty. I fucking hate goblins…

Well Scarlet and I go have a talk with him and find out that someone’s been trading him human parts. And not just any parts, mind you, this person has the gall to trade the face of one of my clients. Now, I get pretty pissed off when good people are being hurt for bad reasons, but when it’s my good people, then it gets personal. And guess who it is who’s trading with this sicko? That’s right, Zia, the girl who came out with the rest of this bunch and then disappeared into her own things. I never shoulda let any of them out of my sight… GRAHH!

Well we get everyone together and on the same page and go on a hunt trying to track her movements based on where she’s been operating (using my client’s home as a triangulating factor). We get a bit of a runaround, Hoyle and Scarlet get into a fight with Bob (who, of course tries to pull me into it), and me and Hoyle go back to the Market to see if we could find a different angle (not to mention to get the fuck away from the rest of them. He and me find out that one of the merchants has been dealing with our own Keeper, he makes fucking rings! So we get out of there before we break Market Law and head back to the group as they find a lead that leads to Zia at a clinic. Well, we find out she’s inside and I go in and start smacking the bitch up. Winter wants her healed since she went Winter, too, so I give her to Bailey and look for a scalpel. I was going to cut up all the beauty she bought from that sick goblin fuck, but while I was doing that, Scarlet, Hoyle, and Bob start arguing on what to do with her. Bob swears to take care of her, and the others let him.

At this point I’m at the “Whatever, Fuck it point.” I got to smackabitch, she’s been taken care of, and the others have gotten a chance to see what happens when you don’t behave. If Bob wants to take responsibility for the crazy and broken, let him. Either he’ll learn, or I’ll just have to come after him when they slip up again.

I can’t wait until the season’s done and we don’t have to be a motley anymore…

Barry Smalls: 5/2011

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