Zia White

Quiet, lanky Churigen


5’6" with abnormally long limbs in proportion to her body. Shoulder length brown hair, thick circular lens glasses, moderately attractive. Dresses conservatively.

An established oncology surgeon in her previous life she formed a family like bond with her patients which is what helped bring her back. She was taken 9 years ago when she though she was going to see a new patient. At first her time there was a blur but eventually she was able to distinguish days out of the madness and estimated her time there at 3 years. She was forced to perform surgeries for the vanity of her master, providing him with whichever features he fancied from others at the time. She was never able to stop performing her art, so as not to lose her touch, so she often was forced to mutilate the bodies of the dead victims and even graft their limbs onto herself, accounting for her long limbs. She managed to escape the hedge but with much cost to herself. She is now wishing to regain some form of a life back and hopes to make use of herself in the Winter court. She wants to keep everyone hidden at all costs, even if it means relying on old skills of removing things, or people, that may seem cancerous to keep everyone safe.

Zia White

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