Tob Journal 1

Dearest Diary,

Today started out early…I felt the Freehold Oath break in my sleep, then Ethos woke me up with a frantic phone call. Something about his Motley acting strange, their oath having been broken repeatedly. I felt oaths fade in my sleep as well…Molly…was gone, something was wrong. I grabbed the address book that Molly kept in the upstairs and called the ruling court…spoke with that asshole Book. I don’t like him. Next thing I knew Mr. Piper, Mr. Smalls, Bailey and a bunch of other Freehold members were crowding the Hotbox, yelling and screaming about murderers and bad blood between courts. Mr. Piper pulled me aside and told me that Sugar Molly was dead. I have never been so destroyed in my new life. She was my boss, my friend…practically my mother. Dead? How?

Mr. Club, Mr. Book, Mr. Cuff and that other Winter douchebag showed up with 4 white panelled vans. We were hastily loaded into them, I was in with Mr. Piper, Mr. Smalls and Bailey. Piper wouldn’t let us talk. I was still crying…Molly couldn’t be dead.

We arrived at some ghetto motel and crashed two rooms. We were like a lynch mob…we were like…the Wild Hunt…it was terrible. But Mr. Piper would have called for my head if I spoke up. Marjan, Issac (who was blind), Jacob, Sparrow…they were all rounded up. The people of the freehold kept talking about a trial. We were driven to Dufferin Mall. Bailey and I always joked about Lestrade, who was also dead (not like that’s a bad thing…he was mental) and his catacombs…turns out…there were ACTUALLY catacombs under the mall.

There was a lot more yelling and we were led into a room…sitting there, on the throne of Winter was Mr. Door. He was…terrifying, I felt like the sorrow from Molly’s death was amplified…it was terrible. Then the Autumn King was brought in…all of my nightmares…were embodied in the Needleborn. I’m not sure, but he used powers similar to the abilities of my kind…but it was as if he had control over his own bones.

Autumn was exiled, then allowed back…did I mention I hate politcs? Marjan, Sparrow, Barum and Kathy were all sworn in to the Freehold. Marjan wants in to spring…I want him in Spring…I’m taking him to the monarch.

I’m not sure what else to write…the Hotbox…I’m going to keep it going, not just for the Spring Court…but for Molly.

Tob Journal 1

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