Sparrow's Journal: January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011?

I was set free. Master robbed me of flight and threw me off into the hedge. With what have to be the vaguest instructions ever, I stumbled through the vines, getting ripped apart by the thorns.

“Go and see,” what the hell is that supposed to mean?

After hours of being torn apart, I was swarmed by a group of crows. They forced me into a clearing in the hedge and there we others, like me, but they weren’t from master, I could tell. I thought maybe Master had sent some of these crows to guide me to these people, but these were not at all Master’s birds. The people proved to be pretty useless and would surely slow me down so I tried to continue along my path, but the crows would not have it. They forced me back together with the group. I knew I couldn’t seperate from them just yet, so I decided to make the best of it.

The birds forced us into another area, inhabited by a gigantic ogre-thing that was guarding an archway. The zombie-looking man (Issac I think was his name. God what a moron.) offered it a piece of clothing and then was pushed through the archway. Then somebody else offered clothing, but the ogre-thing wasn’t too pleased with the offer. I decided to quickly give it a lock of my hair, before the stakes would get higher and people had to started having to offer fingers. I didn’t see anywhere else to go, so I figured the archway might be a portal out of here. It wasn’t.

We ended up in some sort of freakshow marketplace(even freakier-looking things than us). Issac informed me that he saw a human-looking figure go around the corner. Figuring they’d probably know better than anybody else, I departed the group once again to pursue them.

I caught up to them, a women with two large brutes guarding her. She was talking to a shopkeeper about what appeared to be cages. This immediately put me off. Just looking at the variety of cages the shopkeeper had was enormously unsettling to me. I just lost my wings, I’m not going to risk getting put into a cage on top of it all. I darted off into the opposite direction, not wanting to risk my chances with them.

As I ran I spotted Issac getting carried towards the cages by one of the huge ogre guys. He saw me and yelled for help but at this point I was too terrified to even speak. Did those ogres want to capture us. Is that why we were led here? Master would NOT be happy if I fell into the hands of another, I know that for sure.

In my panic I stumbled upon another one from the group, but I can’t remember her name at all. Her body proportions are all messed up, I don’t even know how to explain it. Both of us panicked, we stuck together to look for a way out. I told her what I saw and she explained the me that Issac got taken because he’d tried to steal something. What a moron, right? Trying to steal something in a situation like this!?

Anyway, we were asking around for an exit, but all the merchants were unhelpful. That’s when it happened. A large, one-armed brute scooped us both up and put us over his shoulder. That was enough to trigger me. I started hyperventilating and begging to be put down. The man (who I now know as Mr. Hoyle…what kind of name is Mr. Hoyle?) made us promise not to run as long as he put us down. At that point I would have said anything for him to let go of me, so I agreed. This ended up being the first pledge I’d made and for some reason, I was instantly calmed and understood all that was happening around me. We met up with some of his colleagues and the rest of the group trying to negotiate with the woman I saw earlier.

Long story short, the woman I’d seen earlier turned out to be a loyalist (am I a loyalist?), the others saved Issac from her, we got out of the hedge.

We went to a pub to discuss everything that’d happened. There Mr. Hoyle and the others explained to us what we are and the implications of it all. It was a lot to wrap my head around. It seems I’m the only one who was just let free, and that everybody else had to fight to escape. Also everybody had a strong reason for escape. I need to make a reason…I came back because I was worried about my Father! Hah! That’s perfect.

Also, I needed to come up with a new name for myself. I figured “Sparrow” would do. It’s what master calls me, I’m used to it.

We were told we’d likely want to join a court, either Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn to be safe. We were also told that joining a court puts safe measures on you to likely kill you if you ever betray them for the Masters… This put me into a whole other panic.

Now what do I do? If I don’t choose a court, they’ll know something’s up, but if I do, I could very well die, and I’d be betraying Master! I half-considered running away, but I’d freeze to death out there. I’d at least take the hotel room I was offered for the night. In the morning I don’t even know what I’ll do.

Right now… I’m thinking of joining Winter. If Master can’t find me, then I can’t betray the court. If Master manages to find me, I’ll tell him that I was spying on the most secretive of the changelings and when I die, I know I’ll have done Master proud…

Hoping to see the next sunrise,

Sparrow's Journal: January 29, 2011

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