Ophelia's Journal, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

My dearest Fortinbras,

Honestly, love, this task Mr. Hoyle asked me to do would probably be best served by you, but as you always say to me, “There’s more to the world than our children.” I think this could be a good growing experience for me. That is why I took the offer up front, even though I saw in your eyes that you’d have rather put yourself at risk. I’ll be fine; you know I can handle myself.

I think I’ve put the scare into quite a few of these younglings already, if not directly, then by just seeing what I’ve done to their peers. I made a burly ogre whimper like a little dog, and another couldn’t catch her breath and fainted just because I was in the same room! Isn’t that wonderful?

…Did I overdo it? You always think I overdo it…

When Mr. Hoyle asked me to keep them in line, I thought he meant just some of the above, but already twice tonight I’ve had to use some of my Fairest charm to trick our way into crime scenes and construction sites. It’s not doing what I love, but it’s easy glamour, and you know how I love my glamour. I feel a little out of my element though.

Anyway, I hope everything is well at Petit Pearson. You’ll probably hate me for reminding you, but remember what we agreed on: the best time to agitate the beehive is straight after their afternoon juice. One of the little ones is bound to spill some on themselves, and they’ll be made such a wonderful example!

This should all be over soon, I hope running the place by yourself isn’t too much trouble.


Ophelia's Journal, March 21, 2011

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