Marjan's Journal - March 26th

- A Gilded Cage is Still a Cage -

So close to freedom. I ran and ran, getting torn by thorns and horrific bird-things as I go. When I made it into the clearing, the most peculiar girl awaits. Nearly numb with the horrors endured, I fall back on some sort of vapid normalcy. Her name is Kathy, and she leads me to safety.

I repay her kindness with stupidity later.

I am not free long before others assault me. Broad daylight, middle of the street. I am near-hysterical, but this close to freedom, I put up the best fight I can. I know its value, and it will not be given freely. Some brute named Barry and a swamp-creature tell me as they beat me that this is for my own good. Actions speak louder than words, though. I have been taken, again.

Coincidentally, the real Kathy is one of them. I wanted away so badly, I did something idiotic. I led them to the only person that has truly helped me since coming back. I thought it would be an opportunity to escape. While the drama unfolds, I flee upstairs and loot the bedrooms, finding enough money to make it on my own for a while. I take off.

And I am dragged back. Dragged back, and tricked and forced into an oath with my new captors. Some of the others seem just as wary as I, if a bit better adjusted. Good for them, to be content in this gilded cage. I am not.

They kill Kathy. I shout and scream, they kill her anyway. If my eyes could, they would be burning holes in Barry’s back, as I am herded to my cell. I am not broken yet, and I will not forget this day.

Marjan MiƂosz

Marjan's Journal - March 26th

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