Marjan's Journal - July 17th

- His Fetters Fall -

Wax and Molly are dead. Lestrade as well, I am sure of it. More likely than not, as am I and others. Captured again, it never stops. One of the Motley we were trying to protect led a mob armed with pitchforks and torches to our beds.

Both hags reaped what they had sown, coercing and manipulating us in our Motley into committing opposing murders. Chances were, we were going to spill each other’s blood moreso than theirs. Indeed, it looked like it would go that way with Earl and Isaac breaking their oaths. Earl decided that he would prefer to lickspittle to his Autumn Court than keep his oath with the rest of us. He too will reap what he has sown. Who can trust a traitor? After attempting to kill me, I offered him forgiveness, mercy, safety. He refused.

We are beaten, threatened, penned up, and have pretty prizes dangled in our faces. The Freehold has no one to blame but themselves if we bite their hand. Now that Sparrow, Jacob, and Isaac are backed into a corner with me, I wonder who else among us will bare their teeth? We are safer together than as pawns for those that wish to use us. But who else sees? How many more of us have to die?

I have not given up.

Marjan MiƂosz

Marjan's Journal - July 17th

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