Marjan's Journal - April 30th

- Hubris Breeds Opportunity -

Perhaps not the most rational response, but after Kathy’s murder and a sleepless night, more than before, I need to get away. It ends as expected, with this motley of brutes and thugs. Strange enough, one of the newer ones, Isaac, seems to take pity on me. He promises to help, I have nothing to lose.

Well, the way things turned out, I question Isaac’s lucidity. I appreciate the effort, but it was all in vain from the start. I am kidnapped again, but too exhausted for fear anymore. No, I am filled with contempt.

Isaac and I are taken, unsurprisingly Barry is involved, again. Another, named Lestrade. I may not be half as strong as them, but I am also not half as stupid. They try to wheedle compliance out of me. I wheedle back an oath in my favour. I feel safer now, seeing how easily manipulated and compliant my captors can be. I will play along, until another opportunity arises. There are powerful persons in this little cadre, and they are wanton with their power and privilege. It is easy to count cards while they play their game.

Most of the newer additions to the Apartment of Misfit Toys seem to be compliant out of a lack of direction, or a better idea, moreso than any sort of wholesale buy-in to what Barry and Lestrade seem to tell us. I have exchanged words with some of the others. Sparrow seems to be waiting for an opportunity, as I am. I’m not convinced yet that she wants what I want… a conversation we must have at a later date. Regardless, it is only a matter of time until this all collapses.

We re-enter the hedge, and I bat my eyelashes and volunteer to be helpful. Submission is not new to me, and I play the part. To my disgust, they accept it and eat it up. As if my deference and supplication, false though it may be, is naturally deserved and expected. Regardless of the events of the previous 48 hours. I remember Others who acted the same way.

Opportunity comes knocking earlier than I expect, and I escape the hedge with a particularly potent liquid. Some fool, I think Isaac is pursuing me. He seems less lucid than normal, I suspect he is not acting on his own accord, though I cannot say for sure.

He will find me when I want him to.

Marjan MiƂosz

Marjan's Journal - April 30th

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