Isaacs Journal 4

After spending a majority of this evening chasing the little weasle Marjan though a sewer wich yeilded little gain to my need to pour a mysterious liquid on an equally mysterious husk. . he didnt have the vile as I was certain he did… turns out Barry had it… FANTASTIC! I emerged and reported to Mr.Hoyle who luckily convinced me the liquid is something to be feared and that he would deal with Baryy (THANK GOD). After some more bantering among the group me and my fellow Autumn members had a meeting with Mr.Hoyle to discuss Autumn business.

Mr.Hoyle got all of us places to live and jobs; I’ll be working at an STD Clinic as its the best way to ‘Harness the fear’ I’ve got. Should be fun work… Then we discuss more concerning matters, mainly specific people in the group who are a bit… flakey. Our main concerns were Sparrow and Marjan, after some discussion about what the best plan of approach would be for each case we decided that Hoyle would deal with Sparrow and the Winter court while me and Jacob talked with Bailey and the Spring court about Marjan.

Later Hoyle informed us that we had permission from Lestrade to enter Sparrows dreams if given the chance… I found it a bit odd that he was able to get the OK from Lestrade so easily given Winters tendencies. At this point the group was planning a golbin market run, something Bailey was dead set on not letting me participate in, so instead I hung back and went later with Mr.Hoyle, Barry and Earl and we ‘happaned’ to bump into the other group. Kathey… or Tracey… CROCODILE GIRL was covered head to toe in blood when we arravied, I was given a short version of the story.. birds.. goddamed birds. I took Bailey aside as she escorted Croc-girl back to the hedge gate (who after her bird fiasco was not to keen on visiting the goblin market) and appologized for my actions last time i was in the market… I ment it, I really did, I know I goofed and put my friends in danger.

Later me and Jacob took Bailey aside to discuss our concerns about Marjan, she was extremely laid back about the accusations we made abotu Marjan being a possible loyalist. She simply gave us the address of his appartment and said we were free to keep an eye on him… that was easy.

Later in the market some things happened… some news, not good news. The goblin market was moving. South.. or West… I dont really know I wasn’t really involved in the discussion. I later discussed with the rest of autumn that there is plans to intercept a certain shop keeper that the other goblins arent to fond of, AND OH THE IRONY its the fucking floating pillar of glass who i tried to steal from. Baisicly we get to whack that monstrosity and keep all his wares! YES PLEASE! by the end I was kind of wandering around close enough to catch an ear-full or certain other events that were occuring, now and again i heard about some rather disturbing things…

One in particular… Zia… The quiet mousey one from Winter, the one who hasnt been around much lately, shes become quite the problem. Baisicly from what I’ve heard, shes been murdering folks and selling their parts to the meat grinder in exchange for some modifications of her own… fucking Churgeons… So baisicly last I heard theres some plans for a hunting party to see if we can put and end to Dr.Whites spree. This is going to be fuuun~

Isaac Faustin

Isaacs Journal 4

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