Isaacs Journal 3

Well then, that was an interesting night… then again there hasnt been an interesting night in the past week. Where to begin? First of me and Earl are becond outside by some old woman, she had the most powerful mantle I’ve even seen around her, it was a little unerving, she hands us a crushed pop can, tells me its from Jacob, Him and Mr.Hoyle wont be able to make it today and this can is supposed to lead me somewhere. Of course the old hag is cryptic as hell and shuffles off before we have a chance to ask any questions.

I enter the Motel room to see the gang looking a little rouched up, and a new face.. and he didnt look to pleased to be here. I attempted to introduce myself but was greated with a cold shoulder. I was soon filled in as to what the group had been up to during my hiatus, apparently they had not only kid-napped the new guy, they had gone after and succsessfully killed Kathy’s (Tracey?) Fetch! Damn did I ever miss out on some fun (it was well worth is, got my hands on a saturnight special). Sadly I didnt have it for long.

Not soon after being filled in I shared the Pop-can mystery with everyone, after several failed attempts at deciphering how exactly a piece of garbage was suppose to point us to some location the new guy starts causing a comotion in the bathroom, then outta nowhere makes a break for the window, he only managed to spiderweb the window before he had Barry throw him to the ground and Lestrade putting a knife to his throat… damn new guy.

Oddly enough this act made me curious as to why he wanted to leave, so I asked him. Apparently it was “personal” business, witch only peeked my curiosity, he wasnt keen on present company because they had apparently ripped him off the streets causing quite a scene in the process. Anyways I end up getting a name out of him…. Marjan. So I ask him, “How badly do you want out of here?” he tells me really bad, so I tell him I’ll help him out if I can tag along for his “Personal Business”, whats he got to loose, he gives me a nod… all I need. I whip out my gun a crack a shot off at the window, it blows out into the alley below. The entire room is sent into a fenzy as I yell “Run!” Me and Marjan make a leap for it, I hit the ground first and dunk and rool, Marjan however dosent land so well. I go back for him, just as I help him up Barry leaps from the window… right over my goddam head. I point the gun at Him (big mistake) as I look over the shoulder to signal to Marjan to run off a sunden force, a split second and I’m face first on the concreate (I’m still picking Graval and Glass out of my face) I loose my gun in the commotion, Earl is chasing down Marjan… catches him… of course. Theres screaming, shouting and just a general rukus. Enter Lestrade… in a van… he stole. “GET.IN.” I’m picked up by my arm by Barry (DeJaVu). The ride is silent, I was afraid if I made a sound Lestrade might put a knife through my eye. We get to a WareHouse… great I’m thinking. Next up, chairs, duct tape… Barry.

We get a stern talking to by Lestrade… I get chewed out, Marjan get the ’We’re here to help’ Speech, but he’s not buying it… keeps going on about how they ‘kid-napped’ him. Lestrade offers an Ultimatum, we can go back scott-free IF we don’t divulge any thing that occured starting from the van ride over. DEAL. But not yet… Marjan pulls and fast one and somehow gets both Barry and Lestrade to swear to and oath! HA! smooooth. Anyways in the end we agree (and I get a nice new gun eventually). All the while the others were dealing with the colateral damage… cops, window, bloody cloths, landlord. Boy do I feel bad for them… not really.

We meet up at the Hot Box. Fun place. So after some more bickering and explinations (ALWAYS WITH THE EXPLINATIONS). I inquire about the popcan… Ethos has it… and he’s asleep. Earl snags it out of his back pocket, this wakes Ethos up. And BAM that was the answer… you needed to fall asleep with it, and you’ll have a dream. After some arguing with Earl and Ethos about the can we get some answers (Not untill Ethose FOR SOME REASON destroys the can). What ever, he told us he saw soem pillars, a figure stabbed through with sticks… he was vauge, but apparently this was in.. the Hedge.


Some people naturally needed some convincing to go, but in the end we all took the trip. We heading down to some park, and stopped infront of a childrens slide. This was the gate apparently, where it took us, no one knew. Barry was the first through, the rest followed. When we enters the Hedge was just as appealing as the last time I had been there… not at all. Oddly enough Bailey seemed to radiate this area of warmth and growth, so the group stuck close to her, I stayed close to Barry who remained in the lead.

To be Continued…

Isaacs Journal 3

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