Isaacs Journal 2

Janurary 30th 2011 (March 5th 2011)

After a well need sleep in a grungey motel I awoke to several of my fellow changlings rustling around the room. Earl (the large ogre) was reading apaper I stood behind him and he pointed out a specific article for some constrction, the add seemed normal enough but the child in the add had these peircing eyes, we nodded to eachother to signify that this was settign off some flaggs, I didnt tell the others. Later Ethos and I were hungry at this point and decided we`d head out in search of some breakfast Tracey decided to tag along but just as we were leaving we were intercepted by Barry and Lestrade, who didnt seem to pleased that we were out of the room, they sent Tracey back to get the others, we were going somewhere, to meet some people, fantastic.

We headed down to an area called Kensington Market, what a dump. Drug addics litteretd the streets and dorways of deralict buildings (I noticed large billboards witht he same add from the paper on them, I signaled to Earl who had noticed them too). We approached a somewhat decent looking bar called the `Hot Box`, clever. we filed in one by one, it didn`t look half bad on the inside, we passed a Hot woman at the bar (bot literally and figuratively hot, she was on fire) she introduced herself as Tob and pointed us upstairs, said Sugar Molly was wating for us. We once again filed up the stairs, the upstairs was decorated much different from downstairs, long draped of purple gold and red, larg pillows and in the center sat a few new faces. Great more new people.

The most apparent and who I quickly deduced was Sugar Molly as an elderly lady wearing pearly sprawed upong the large circular pillow in the center take hits from the large hookah in the center. Around her were 3 other changelings, a handsom man in a suit who looked liek he was made entirely out of ice, infront of him a dinning cart filled with the most extravigant foods. Standing behind Sugar Molly clutching a bottle of whiskey and continually taking swigs from it was a rather tall man, with an appearance similar to mine, his eyes were a solid black however. Lastely was a greasy looking scrawny guy, he looked like he was constantly damp, pretty off putting.

As soon as we enterd we we`re greeted with a raspy voice inviting us to join in the festivities, food, drink, drugs. I took a seat next to the Icey fellow who introduced himself as Harvey Frost, I asked if he minded if I grabbed a sandwich or two off his cart as I was starving at this point, he didn`t mind sharing and I thanked him for it (He`s good in my books, but he seemed familiar to me like I`d seen him before wich was unlikely). Barry and Lestrade were already talking with Sugar Molly at this point, apparently she had rescued these 3 from the hedge, so they we`re just as new as we were. I figured they`d be given the same speaches we got about our new lives and our Fetch.

Soon after everyone kind of went off and did their own thing, several people went to the balcony as they couldnt stand the smoke, i made an effort to introduce my self to the new faces, i had learned something I found a little disturbing, that when they emerged they were attacked by the same birds that had just watched us, Sugar Molly showed up to rescue them. after taking a hit from Sugar Mollys pipe, wich seemed to be a combinatio of Hash and Heroine, one hit was eough for me to know I didnt need a second I talked with Zia (the quiet mousey girl) asked her how she was feeling through all this seeing as she hadnt talked much, she didnt say much but I go thtat she was still shaken up, understandable. I explained to her how the others got here and how it didnt sit too well with me. I then turned to Sparrow who hadnseemed too keen on me (with reason of course) I appologized and said we got off ont eh wrong foot and I explained to her what I had heard as well. She speculated that perhaps after crocodile girl took a swipe at one they became hostile, seemed like a logical explination to me but I didnt have any reason to believ it was the truth.

After some time people had despersed all over the bar, some still on the balcony others hanging out by the food, and a few had headed downstairs to speak with Tob. I lounged around making small talk with the others (I mentioned to Tracey how Frost reminded me of the kid in those construction adds), I later headed downstairs at one point to get some water, only to find the formerly kind Tob seemed on edge I didn`t pry too muc as it seemed like Sparrow was already dealing with it. I later found out it had something to do with Frost. There was talk to that the Greasy one (Jakob was his name I believe) had found something interesting while in the hedge that some how related to Mr.Hoyle and the Autumn court. a Statue of somesort, two figures twisted with bone jutting out of them. Just then a man wearing a wax mask enterd introduced himself as Mr.Window, made a long speech and directed a proposition towards Lestrade who agreed, essentially saying that Hoyle, Barry, Bailey and Lestarde would protect our group. It put my mind at ease to know that they`re obligated to protect us. (there was alot of details but I dont want to go into detail about the… details).

Lets see before I get to the big event of that night (we picked our courts). There was some business that Hoyle and Smalls sorted out with Tracey, and our friend Burt apparently isn`t our friend any more (Lestrade practicly had a aneurysm at this point). But in the end we all made a pact that we will not screw witheachother under penalty of blindness (wich would force us to rely on the others) this pact helped us start our new lives.

After that we did our little round about with the Four who gave us a run down on their courts, how they worked, their ideal, their motives, what they stood for. After hearing everyones speil I was conviced by Mr.Hoyle to join the Autumn Court, the court of Fear and Knoweldge, we hone our own fear, we seek what others are afraid to. along side me was Jakob and Earl, the initiation ritual was.. interesting, Hoyle mixed us a drink, then killed a mouse and poured it blood in the drink, I slung it back a bitter sweet taste hit my mouth, when i swallowed my body tensed for a moment my joints seemed to lock up, then release. And that was that I was in the Autumn court, i wont be able to use any of the perks untill I`m sworn in by the kings but its all in due time.

With our courts chosen it was time to go on a glamour run. Autumns emotion being fear ment we would need to exploit peoples fears, not nessicarily to outright scare some one but to play of it, but subtle said Hoyle. So me and Jakob decided to creep on some seemingly innocent girls, Jakob got close and personal real quick (she was NOT havign any of that) her friend attemted to come over but I intercepted with a creepy grin. At that point the first girl pulled a can of mace on Jakob I was not about to let a memeber of my court get maced so i grabbed the can a whipped it across the room (another BAD idea on my part) that semmed to get some attention and Mr.Hoyle had to Step in, after calming the women down I got a lecture about subtlety. Earl ont eh other hand who seemed incapable of being subtle ripped a table out of the floor… yeah. Anyways we all got some Glamour a decent pull for our first attempts. I need to learn to leach of others, fear is almost always present in most situations is just a matter of playing off it and building it up, with practice will come skill.

And eventful second night to say the least, i`ve gained some comfort in my new life in this short time but its not going to be easy gettng used to this, interesting… not easy.
Isaac Faustin

Isaacs Journal 2

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