Isaacs Journal

Janurary 29th 2011 (Janurary 29th 2011)

Wow, ok, where to start. The hedge, god dammit. What a horrible horrible place. it was just running and cutting and runnign and tearing. then suddenly bam! im standing a feild with a bunch of other guys and gals who look just as bad (if not worse) than I do. we’re surrounded by these freaky birds. It wasn’t long after we all played 20 questions with eachother that we all sort of split off looking for a way out, some crocodile chick was the first to wander shortly followed by Bird girl. I decided to follow the guy who looked like a steam punk Iron man. The Robot man (Who i later found out was named Ethos) said I could only follow him if I promised not to hurt him, so naturally I agreed; but we were then hit in the chest by some other worldly force! Thats when I figured promses might hold a stonger meaning here.

After some failed attempts at pushing past the birds they decided it was time for the Hitchcock routine and spiraled around us hearding us all over the place, we push through them only to emerge in a large hall made of vines and thornes (when we had emerged I noticed the Crocodile girl had taken a swing at one of the birds with her claws, killed the damn thing). There was some sort of fancy arch way arcing over and a thick haze beyond it. But there smack-dab in the middle of the arch was this giant… thing. It was massive hulking creature propping its self up on two giant arms, we slowly approached it, it had no mouth to speak only eyes along its head, after we shot it some questions (to wich we got conveluted answers) I attempted to walk past it, sure enough the big guy stopped me, but then her propped himself up and held out a little mngled foot like thing and gestured for me give him something, ‘well shit’ I thought what did I have to give him, the onlything I could think of was to give him a piece of the tatterd rags i was wearing, he accepted it (didn’t seem to keen on it the way he just shoved me through).

when I had reached the other side of the Haze I was in some sort of market place, but not like any market place I hade ever seen, the things these… creatures were selling ranged from seemingly normal items to strange objects that almost defied logic in thier appreance. I caught a glimpse of a strange woman, breath taking in appreance be escorted by two rather large burly gentlemen. I then walked over to one of the stand just to take a peek at some of these objects (not even begining to image what they’re for) around then I noticed the rest of my posse stumbling through the haze. I walked over the greet them letting them know that I figured we’re in some sort of market, I mentioned the woman I saw and pointed bird girl in the the direction she headed. it taken long for my buddy Ethos to be haggling with what appeared to be a pillar of stain glass with light shooting out of it. Apparently these pieces of glass it was selling contained memories, I aked it about a particular red one, it spoke (to my surprise) about it making me strong, Well hot damn I thought I gotta get me one of those. But noticing my mechanical friend failing at barganing I figured I’d take my chances with snagging it. BAD IDEA. I had barely put the piece in my tattered shirt when a strange foot like hang snagged it and set it back down. I turned and looked up to see one of those giant guys who was gaurding the door, just as he scooped me up by my arm. Damn that hurt. he began carrying my away my arm almost completely numb at this point, I was screeming to my compatriats to help me out not sure if they just didnt hear me, or they just didnt care. I caught a glimpse of bird girl who I shouted down to for help, she stared up at me and just gunned it! that damn bitch! but she had the most terrified look on her face, I’d be scared too. finally the big guy brought me to some sort of tent filled with cages and sure enough dropped me right into one. So there I was, just escaped the hedge and had already gotten my self caught again, no fancy glass and what felt like a broken arm (it wasn’t, lucky me).

It didn’t take long for me to notice the woman i had seen earlier taking with what looked like a pile of constantly moving porkchops (gross). Her attention quickly shifted to me once I was dropped in the cage. She spoke in such an aluring way it was hard not to devote all my attention to her, she seemed interested in buying me, like I was some property. I then noticed a few of those people I came in with had worked their way to the tent (probably the commotion I had meade). A few of them still MIA but my Buddy Ethos was already in the tent trying to bless some stuff (It’s his thing I suppose). After some more talking some new faces arrived, they looked like Us, different yet some how human in appearence, The one a tall beautiful woman with these triabl swirls all over her face (she had this strange tenticled created grabbing the side of her head however). A more refined gentleman who seemed rather upset, his arm was in a sling and appeared to be made out of porcelin. Finally a rather cold looking gnetleman, with no distinguishing features, my eyes had a hard time focusing on him, he emmited a very cold sensation. It was hard for me to keep track of just what was happening at this point, but it was apparent these people were trying their best to ensure i did not end up with that woman, that very beautiful, very tempting woman.

Eventually a fourth showed up, a rather large well build man carrying bird girl and they mousey looking girl (who had said next to nothing at this point) over his shoulders, he set them down and taked with the rest of the group. Ths man with the arm walked over and asked what I had done, I explained my self, he called me an idiot and walked off. Well geeze, I know it wasnt a smart move you dont have to rub it in! some more heated disscusion occured none of it made any bit of sense to me, but it had drawn quite the crowed just about everyone I had come here with (plus four more) had shown up. Things were getting out of hand, long story short tey fantastic four did some things (one of them even temporarily became a woman). I got out of the cage and made alot of people unhappy in the process.

The four then took us to a fountain telling us we were in a ‘Goblin market’ and this was the way out, we ran around the fountain for a bit, some more whacky shit went down and Bam! we’re standing around the same fountain but were in the middle of a park in Toronto Ontario. We were then taken to a bar where the Fantastic Four introduced them selves and explained our rather unique but grim situation.

We`re changlings now, not human, our lives as we knew them are gone, somethign called a `Fetch` stood in our place. Our time in hedge chnaged us some how into what we are now. The Fae want us back (they`re bad) we don`t want to go back. Theres other bad people (lots of them fromt he sounds of things). But theres also lots of friends. Friends, huh, I need those. There was alot of other information explained alot of it made little sense to me at that point, but I was just relieved, I felt safe around these people. The big four (who had introduced them selves as Bailey, Mr.Hoyle, Barry Smalls, and Lestrade). After some small talk with those who felt like talking, we discovred that crocodile girls (who I now know as Tracey) Fetch could be close and by killing it she coudl get her life back, Me and Ethose were keen on the idea (others not so much). But one man in the corner introduced himself as Burt seemed very keen on the idea, just as we were about to head out to track it down Bailey came back, this threw a wrench in our plans as she convinced us otherwise. So that shindig never went down, fine by me I was just curious.

It`s weird, despite al that happened however depressing it may seem I`m dealing with very well.
Isaac Faustin

Isaacs Journal

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