Henry Frosts' Journal Entries


This is complete shit, why am I living with these idiots when I can be off doing things I want to do like have a normal life. I just want to rip Mr.Window’s mask right off his face, what does he have to hide from us. Also, I only try and help speed up the process of finding that hipster killer, and I get my head bashed into the side of a wall. I’m threaten, mocked, and everyone probably hates me. I don’t know whats with all this sudden anger and action, maybe it’s because I’ve been doing nothing but watching these fools for months (correct me if I’m wrong).

I think I’m going to check out that construction site for that new subway line by myself, during the night though; don’t want to cause any unnecessary attention. Maybe I’ll cause some more damage if I feel like it. I keep seeing my face around the city and it pisses me off, I just want to rip them all down. When I was walking aimlessly through the goblin market the other day with the others, I overheard something about them moving to a new subway line. Maybe my father has connections, he could be working with Delila, or whatever her name is, the fairest.

I’m going to need to watch what I do now though, one more slip up and I’m as good as dead. Perhaps I can join summer, I’m really disliking Winter. I’m not a big fan of any of the leaders so far, but I want to know what really happened to Lestrade. I don’t think he deserves any of the treatment he gets. By the way, this is a reminder to not talk to anyone about the day I got this scar…. nobody better not rip my shirt off or anything.

Anyways, first things first, check out that construction site, build up some strength ( powers/exp) then think about what to do next.

Henry Frosts' Journal Entries

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