Barry Smalls: 3/2011

January 31, 2011

I swear to God, the cosmos is conspiring against me! Can truly nothing ever work out smoothly? So today is “Bump the fetch day” and I figure we can finally see how useful this batch of kiddies can be, only to find myself left to babysit the bunch by myself. THIS is why the Motley didn’t work. Bailey, Lestrade, and Hoyle couldn’t have found a different day to be busy with alternate business? Really?

So I head over to pick up the genius brigade and find out that half of them thought they would go get breakfast without money and the other half dicked off on their own. I swear, if I find out that this oath of ours is broken because of them, I’m going to kill them myself.

Those that remained, Tracy (thank God she actually stayed around for her own fetch-hunt), Jacob, Sparrow, Berrim, Earl, and I went to Tracy’s place to deal what needed dealing; a quick in and out operation, right? WRONG! Seems that our little friend decided to move home in the few days that Tracy was gone, now complicating things up the wazoo. And to make matters worse, Tracy can’t play along for shit.

So we’re taking a street car to Tracy’s parents’ house, when a couple blocks from where we want to stop, I see yet ANOTHER fucking Fairest walking off on its lonesome with what seemed to be a stolen coat. So I get off the streetcar and chase the little thief down (seriously, what is it with kids today thinking they can take whatever they want because they are changelings now? Have they learned nothing from their time as “things”?).

Now here is what I figure, you’re a changeling and a bigger changeling tries to take you aside for a good talking, you fucking keep your mouth shut and hope for the best. Hell, best case scenario, you’re actually stronger and can get out of this unscathed. Well, apparently when God was giving out brains, this fucker heard trains and went to catch one. He starts making the biggest stink, trying to get as many normal people involved. I mean, really, what the fuck is a normal guy gonna do a fucking ogre? And the Mickey Mouse club get on the scene and only make things more chaotic. See, this is why I need my mates around for this sort of shit. Lestrade, Hoyle, and Bailey, they clean this shit up pronto. Well, they make enough craziness that Jacob and I can carry away the Fairest for an interrogation. Thankfully this one wasn’t in our little oath circle so I got to bean him good a couple times.

So we had words with this Bob character and found our that he, too, is newly out, and told him to come with us and we’ll explain everything, but for now we were in the middle of an operation to deal with a Fetch and he agreed. We took him along to near Tracy’s place, rendezvoused with the others who were smart enough to find their way there and hit a new bump in the log – Bob new Tracy’s Fetch and was even helped by it to get out the the Hedge. This set up a chance for us to get the Fetch alone, if it was stupid, or at least an in of some sort. Well, it became obvious that things would not go when within a few minutes I was called in for a distraction, had the door opened by the Fetch, itself, and all hell broke loose as it started screaming and calling for Tracy’s mom. I’m used to Fetches getting violent, not girly, so I’ll admit, this was not a situation I was expecting, but as we were silencing it and Tracy’s mom was running down the stairs to save “her little girl”, Sparrow jumps in and stabs it with a knife. Now personally, I was hoping to let Tracy kill the Fetch, as dealing with one’s own Fetch is a privilege, but I was willing to accept a good opportunistic move when I saw one. Still, had to stop Earl from finishing it off when I saw that Tracy looked like she had been stabbed in the same place as the Fetch. Never seen that before, but it was pretty obvious what was going on. In the mean time cops had been called and things were going a bit mad, so I called Shining Marc to assess him the situation and got everyone out. We all rendezvoused at Mol’s since everyone knew where it was, aside from Bob who found me later enroute. I figured either Mol or Lady Wax got to him, though, since he seemed very intent on staying with me, though in hindsight, considering how creepy he was acting, it had to be Lady Wax.

Well, well all made it back safe and sound, Shining Marc took the Fetch to Lady Wax while Mol healed up Tracy, which fortunately did not heal the Fetch. Lady Wax figured out how to break the bond between Tracy and her Fetch so we met up with Lady Wax and Shining Marc at High Park to end this once and for all. To be honest, I’m kinda disappointed that Tracy couldn’t finish the Fetch off on her own, I had hoped that someone who had been taken by that Keeper would have more of a backbone. Actually, I have to give a nod to Jacob who actually seems to have figured shit out. He was by far the least annoying of the kiddies to deal with today, with Earl coming in a potential second. Well, maybe there’s hope for a few of them yet.

We got Bob into our oath circle to make sure he doesn’t go about causing problems, but I’m not really keen on it much. And I have a feeling I’m gonna get hit up with a few favors to the other courts for how poorly this all went down, subtlety-wise. But fuck, I everyone knows I’m not big on subtlety! That’s what the other three are there for!

Well, maybe I’ll try and be a bit more subtle when I go look into the construction company… but only a little.

Barry Smalls: 3/2011

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