The White Lady


Physical: Ophelia stands at 5’5” and has a tiny frame, weighing only 115 lbs. Her skin and hair are almost a pure white, and an eerie glow surrounds her constantly. Her face has a perfect complexion and her cheekbones are high up. Behind her glasses are violet eyes, which swirl with varying shades of the colour. Running all down her back is a seam that appears to be stitched together. Close to the seam, Ophelia’s skin resembles a burlap sack.

She’s often carrying a silver Venetian mask, with sparkly spirals decorating the front.

Mantle: Being close to Ophelia brings upon a slight spine-chilling feeling the leaves goosebumps on the skin. Sometimes, distantly, you can hear a crow calling.


  • Freehold Oath
  • Autumn Court
  • Scarecrow Ministry
  • The Heart’s Oath (to Fortinbras)
  • A mutual vow of peace (with her fetch)

Ask nicely, and she’ll probably tell you a lovely story about a girl on her wedding day…

Despite being a part of the freehold for 7 years, Ophelia’s not very well-known to the Changeling community. Her and her husband (who appears to be some sort of Darkling) are familiar to longtime freehold members, but are known for only associating with a few of the Ashen Court.


March 21, 2011


The Freehold of the Shaded Wing Wyrmling