Marjan Miłosz

Survival of the Slickest



A hair over 6’, and a hair below 140 lbs, Marjan holds his head high over a trim and tight figure. When relaxed and unthreatened, pale blue eyes will linger a bit too long upon your own. Enshrouded with obsidian hair, his face and look will invite you to forget about yourself, even if for a moment. Expect him dressed in the best. The best he can acquire, anyway.


When Marjan reveals his new form, his skin drains of the little colour it had and acquires an opalescent hue. Everything that makes Marjan striking to look at in his Mask is exaggerated to a point that is equally beautiful and absurd. His arms, legs and neck are just a little too elongated, and his cheekbones seem close to bursting from his skin. Marjan’s hair loses all pigment, becoming translucent, leaving nothing but his unchanged blue eyes and opalescent sheen for colour.

Seductive Fragrance

Night Blooming Jessamine

During the day, persons near Marjan would get catch the scent of something exotic and vaguely sensual. From dusk until dawn however, when the Jessamine blooms in full, the heady spice of the flower spills over you – a scent suited for more primal pleasures of the night.

Marjan Miłosz

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