Isaac Faustin

Snarky, quick witted, spitefull Leech Finer


Male, 5’11", about 160lbs a little more slim than an average build, has short but shaggy black hair. He Wears an assortment of indie/hipsterish cloths (picture a sort of Indie Rocker). He has the appearance of a some what fresh corpse, pale almost blue white skin, dark bags under the eyes veins in his skin. one of the most defining features are his hands, they gradiant a redish black from his finger tips to his elbows.


  • Freehold Oath:
  • Oath of secrecy: Cannot divulge the occurances in the wearhouse with Lestrade.

Isaacs Journal
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Dream 10/03/11
White, clean, shining. Light glinting off steel and plastic, suffusing flesh. Such a simple matter. Flesh parts so easily. Slip and slice, scalpel cuts cleanly, carving deep into chest and bowel. The red flows, rich, lush under the sodium glare. Gushes, pours and runs, rivulets forming tributaries over steel and gown. Suction! There! There it is, twisted through the heart, sliver of shining silver. Forceps, cutting, pulling, roughfast and out! The tray, and suture. Clean it up, clear away, close hole and away. Lick the blood off scalpel and fingers, heartbeeps strong and true. This one is done! But up she comes, from behind, quick quick and slick, slip, slide under jaw and ear to ear, and the heartbeep goes flat, and the red runs rushing from ragged skin, and she looks at you and laughs. The patients gone, and the next one wheels in, all a rush, and she stands aside as you work, and then slipquick and slash, all over again. NEXT!


Short history

Born in Germany and brought to Canada a year later by his parents. Both of them died when he was 20, Isaac wanted to follow in his fathers shoes of being a reputable surgeon, he wanted to preserve human life as he saw great potential in people. How ever with a lack of money he was unable to put him self through university and thus turned to the military. He was trained as a medic and has had some basic combat training. He was captured shortly after his first tour of duty. Through out his tour he had seen the worst of the worst, attempting to put back together soldiers torn up by war. He is a well rounded surgeon with knowledge in other medical fields. How ever many failures followed him, not due his lack of skill but the condition his patients were in when brought to him. This slowly caused Isaac to loose confidence in his dream, he no longer saw the point in trying to preserve human life, especially since he knew he was repairing soldiers whose job it was to send the bad guys to their medic.


He was captured for essentially a year before his escape (unknown how he was able to escape). His eternal nightmare consisted of him repeating the same gruesome surgeries over and over. The patients where not under antithetic and would plead for him to stop, but he could not because if at any point Isaac were to stop the pain the patient was feeling would mirror on to him. And Alas all the surgeries were hopeless, no matter what Isaac did in the end the patient would die, thus pushing Isaac to loose faith in his skills further. The only thing that could have brought him back was realizing his original hope he had for his career.

Personality and Attitude

Isaac is cynical, snarky, suave, and manipulative. He won’t be bothered with most things unless they affect him directly. The war has desensitized him to most brutality and in unfazed by even the most gruesome of situations. With his attitude he’s prone to make snappy remakes and jokes, regardless if they are appropriate or not. He is a sort of puppet master, and if he able to make his life easier by manipulating some one he will. He is a bit of a ‘smooth operator’ and is quickly able to subdue people with his words. Due to his essentially smashed dreams of being a reputable surgeon he is envious to those more successful than he. He will be quick to diminish their successes, and belittle them. He is also stubborn in the defence of his methods, if he wants to do something his way, it’ll take a lot to deter him from his ideals. All this said he is not with out a soft side, he does not immediately hate everyone he comes across he’s just indifferent to most situations, but he still has a shred of humanity out just need to dig deep to pull it out. He will rarely take situations serious unless he himself is affected. He how ever speaks rarely but when he does they are either a snappy one liner or manipulative speeches. Isaac prefers to avoid conflict but is not above a fight and is able to operate most firearms, but even with his military training he can’t hold himself to well in a fist fight.

Other interesting facts/ quirks
Despite his German background, he cannot speak German and has little knowledge of the language
His hair is naturally blonde but he dyes it black
He makes an effort to carry a pen on him at all times, in case he may have to write something down.
He has a keen sense of smell, but few smells bother him. One smell he can’t stand, the smell of Chinese food…

Isaac Faustin

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